Jah Shaka & Sound System Culture

If there’s one thing that can be said about Reggae, it’s that the genre marches forward continually. It also helps when the vocal element is so easily recognizable, that any music featuring it, effectively becomes […]


Beatdown Sound (Chicago) 5yr. Anniversary

Once upon a time: The idea of the “Jamaican Sound System” traveled to NYC and became Hip-Hop. In the UK however, people became rabid fans of Reggae “Steppas” style of music. The Jamaican Sound System […]


MC ZULU at “Love Burn” 2023

Burning Man is known as the debaucherous, hippie celebration that takes place in the middle of the desert. You could say that… and you’d be 100 percent correct. It’s everything you heard and then some. […]


Waistline Therapy

This whimsical take on dance culture, across genres, pairs MC ZULU with rapper Loki da Trixta. It all boils down to appreciation of how the music makes you wind your waistline “inna di dance”. Waistline […]