MC ZULU – Cyber Attack (with Acappella)

Here is a new tune using the “Unfinished Business Riddim” from one of my favorite eras of Dancehall. From my nerdy point of view: The Riddims from the 1990’s / early 2000’s were designed to invoke movement. Recent productions seem to be designed more to evoke a certain emotional response from the listener. The long pause between 2.5 and 4th beat of every measure (these days) presents a much tamer style of production than the manic syncopation of the past.

90s Dancehall drum programming would even influence American producers like Timbaland, who I feel is an unsung influence over Dubstep. Anyway what do I know? I just wrote this quick tune because someone was hating on my socials 🙂 I should thank the fool. Curiously enough his face resembled a rat (no lie)… hence the subject matter. Seen? We can all be petty. Just do it in a constructive manner. Shouts to Tenor Saw for the soundbwoy killing inspiration: Ring The Alarm

::: LYRICS :::

Ring the alarm for deceivers bullies and haters
If a trouble you want, tell you now, my friend you hit pay dirt
Me standing up Inna life can’t give up
Me rising up Means a your time is up
Gwaan dig your grave, build your coffin and pray for your saviors

What is it with the young?
Hung up on the message of the worst dutty hearts and dem false prophets

Big it up maximum
Try to show example of the game dem fi learn and dem launch rockets

So nuh waste energy
Venom is antidote for all enemies
Line them up you a go see

Call it pure vanity
How them pretentious, and the first
to do works of iniquity


A rat inna mi kitchen
From under the floor tile
It’s only the beginning
You know dem have Nuff child

No matter how dem get in
Me execution style
I’d rather send dem back a the wild

But, like a politician,
dem prey on the weakest
You suffer in addition
to scourge and the sickness

So when dem show dem face I
respond with di reflex
Now play di rhythm track I request
yes, I said