MC ZULU & The Weapons – Vampire Season

There are a few tracks I did which will need to be revisited.

Here is a project I was part of, that was completely waylaid by the lockdowns. The Vampire Season song is a satyrical invitation to those Vampires who think they can finally walk in the sunlight. I wrote it with a sense of urgency, thinking that it would be a dated release. It didn’t come out for a while (2020), and then we all went into pandemic pandemonium.

As fate would have it though, it’s still Vampire Season… (no comment)

The Weapons included the song on their EP “Break These Chains”, but it’s a different mix. I had fallen in love with the accentuated harmonies, to be honest. So above is my unsophisticated, redux presentation, along with the acappellas for Reggae producers who need vocals.

Here is the full EP from The Weapons / Break These Chains

As a bonus, here is a full album “Highly Likely” from Daniel Dubsworth, music director of The Weapons. It’s an incredible psychedelic journey, created using 100% Bass guitar sounds. Dubsworth is an amazing guitarist as well, but at some point he went all in on Bass. I blame Reggae & Dancehall’s influence for leading the poor youth to this point of no return. Now look. All bass sounds on an album. He is using his powers for good. Show your support.