MC ZULU & The Drastics – Rocking Time Again

The B-Side gets its time to shine today, with the release of “Rocking Time Again”. It’s the demo sent to Anthony Abbinanti from The Drastics, for inclusion on a co-release with Vic Ruggiero from The Slackers. The reason I am posting this original is because the final mix of the song was a complete re-arrangement. It was still interesting, and worked well for the vinyl release. So that makes them both different enough to stand on their own.

The Drastics Rocking Session f. MC ZULU

Shouts to Ms Lulu MX
Bigups to Selector Alibaba

Footage of the show that gave rise to the collaboration.

Chicago – Nov. 2019 at Reggie’s Rock Club
Videography: AJE Subsist Studio

The Drastics – 45 RPM Release
Vic’s “Blue is the Color” songĀ  is on the A-Side and, there is also an instrumental / Dub version. It was a great introduction to fans of The Slackers, but like several other projects, this one was a casualty of the COVID-19 lockdowns. During the pandemic I was working as a Hospice nurse, and things were BUSY…. to say the least.