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Editor: MC ZULU

A phrase originally coined by visionaries Sly & Robbie, “Electro Reggae” is the general term now used to describe the fusion with Electronic music. The Electro Reggae genre began as a series of e-mailed collaborations like this one. It is a new millennium, post-jungle sound which incorporated the Caribbean-inspired contributions of music makers from around the world.

The 1986 Taxi Gang album, produced by visionaries Sly & Robbie: They knew early on that they would have to experiment in order for their music to grow. These songs have a deliberate confidence to them, blending traditional and “computer” styles, influencing future genres in ways yet to be determined.

Caribbean music has always been about experimentation, and proceeding forward without having all the gadgets. They found new ways to utilize what was there. Because of that innovation Reggae in particular has left an unprecedented number of new trends in its wake. Many of these trends, such as Hip-Hop have changed the course of modern history. Reggae of course comes from Mento, Calypso, Blues and Soul which means origins can be traced to the ancient Mali Empire.