MC ZULU – Culture Shock

ECLIPSE April 8th 2024: With this effort I am utilizing the power of celestial energy to promote worldwide unity. In days past, public figures would make the outlandish claim that they controlled the sun itself. This was done to make people fall in line. Today things are a little different, but no less brutal. As part of my process I will take all of my societal frustrations and channel them artistically. No more political blogs. This song is “Culture Shock”, produced by Astro Black. This is really exclusive, not supposed to come out for a while, but it’s necessary spiritual medicine (for me) to drop it right now.

Currently I’m working my way through Chicago’s venues, but the work has somehow reached back into the wilds of Australia, and caught the ear of the legendary DJ Astro Black! He and his partner Melodican form AstroMelody Records. Melodican actually worked with Coxsone Dodd in the New York version of Studio One. That would explain the thorough quality of their sound. Right now Astro (From L.A.) and Melodican are both transplants to “The Land Down Under”. They are releasing some of the most crucial Reggae Riddims I’ve heard in a long time.

Acoustic Practice:

The thing about Astro Melody productions that I really love:
They are technically up to speed, but not completely modernized.

It’s an extremely difficult balance to achieve. There is a certain charm with older music. As producers catch up on the tech side of things, sometimes they lose it.  Many Reggae bands sound too perfect for my tastes…. like they are backing a Gospel choir on a cruise ship. So I appreciate the fact that these producers carefully choose what they want to improve on. Two other favorites in this sphere are Pachyman and Victor Rice. Their recordings trigger the nostalgia that you sometimes get, listening to foundation Reggae.

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