July 24, 2024
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    MC ZULU – No Mercy (Stalag Riddim)

    There are several tracks that I recorded and never put them out, for whatever reason. In retrospect I really like this one, plus I got to meet Sister Nancy at a Reggae festival. It reminded [...]
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    MC ZULU & The Drastics – Rocking Time Again

    The B-Side gets its time to shine today, with the release of “Rocking Time Again”. It’s the demo sent to Anthony Abbinanti from The Drastics, for inclusion on a co-release with Vic Ruggiero from The [...]
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    MC ZULU – Final Boss

    Well here it is, good people. “Main Character Syndrome” on steroids… A song called “Final Boss”. Tell yourself: I am The Baddest MuthaFukka. Believe It. Put it on your wallet. Do the impossible. Because society [...]


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MC ZULU – For The Soul (Demo)

by mczulu in Now In Session Comments Off on MC ZULU – For The Soul (Demo)

I have been watching the moves of society… Wanted to put some healing vibes & energy out there. Let The Chuuuuch Say Amen :::LYRICS::: I tried to make conversation Ideas they float through my head [...]

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