MC ZULU – For The Soul (Demo)

I have been watching the moves of society… Wanted to put some healing vibes & energy out there.
Let The Chuuuuch Say Amen

I tried to make conversation
Ideas they float through my head
It’s hard, resist the temptation
Commitments tied up instead

So let me speak from the heart now
Seems like I can do no wrong
I’m better with every passing day
and thru the night I grow strong

Medicine of the soul
Pharmacies no control it
Spiritual good as gold
And I don’t care who knows it

Call the shots break the rules
Not so much as a mention
Demon seed devil child
Bun dem wicked intentions

Energy right now
Energy riiiiiight now
Energy right now
Vibe is nice again
Bigup @dooshimaahmisood for putting me up on @littlesimz ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾❤️
The whole Drop 7 album added to my inspirational / exercise playlist.