MC ZULU – Final Boss

Well here it is, good people. “Main Character Syndrome” on steroids… A song called “Final Boss”.
Tell yourself: I am The Baddest MuthaFukka. Believe It. Put it on your wallet. Do the impossible.
Because society encourages “Impostor Syndrome”, and wants your best qualities to stay hidden.
Because you are meant to ignore what you see in front of you, in favor of the generalized narrative.
Because you are being asked to sleep through atrocities, as the worst of our history repeats itself.
Think I’m wrong? Consider all the weaponized terms, designed to reduce critical thinking.

If life were like a video game (or Bruce Lee movie) you would advance to another level, fighting enemies with increasing skill, until you reach the ultimate test. Songs like this offer, even the casual listener, a self-image upgrade. Once you realize that YOU are the “Final Boss”, and also the number one thing holding yourself back, you can take control of your life. What will you do with that power? I say heal the world, but do so starting from within.