MC ZULU at “Love Burn” 2024

Safe For Work Preview

Party In Chicago

FreakEasy Massive & Crew
Chicago’s FreakEasy Collective showed up and showed out once again. DJ Radiohiro “Matt Fusello” was in rare form. This year I wanted to show a bit more of what goes on, but what I have posted is still a modest glimpse. The hedonism, the unbridled decadence… it might be a problem for some; but it’s important to understand what’s taking place.

This is radical self acceptance, and the celebration of others from all walks of life. Outside these party walls, the societal collapse is real; and being able to lose your mind temporarily, in a safe environment, is therapeutic.

Sorry I had to make these age restricted 🙂

If you’re the type to see fire, music, dancing and other types of exuberance as problematic, then don’t play these videos. Miami’s Burning Man regional is really making a name for itself as a destination. Add to that the convenience factor of being able to camp onsite, or…. (as in my case) retreat to a hotel with an all night fitness center. Then you have got yourself one hell of a party.


Chicago  Decomp | Saturday, March 9th 2024
The official party after the party… Features all the usual bacchanalia, with the one and only Dani Deahl headlining. (Invite Only)