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MC ZULU – 21st Century Fox (Studio Session)

A 21st Century Fox is someone who is adept at social media, to the point where it sabotages their relationships. Addicted to contact with their cultivated audience, they tend to ignore their immediate surroundings (including […]


Jake Robertz – Ophidia

Jake Robertz presents an ominous twist to “Lose Control” (track 4), the Kush Arora / MC ZULU collaboration. The overall tone of his new project Ophidia combines ambient, melodic overtones with a Drum & Bass, […]


1978 – The Disco / Reggae 2nd Wave

No other music genre has ever managed to achieve the popularity that was enjoyed by Disco, especially in the late 1970s. The omnipresent dance craze existed in its own right alongside Rock idols of the […]