Meet SmokeyJane and Rirayyy, A.K.A, The DancaTwins. The DancaTwins are two Chicago natives who fell in love with dance from an early age. Growing up on the south side of the city, dance has always been rooted in them, as their father was a dancer in the 90s. From age 6-18, they cheered competitively, where the first style of dance they learned was Cheer dance.

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Throughout their high school cheer career, Rirayyy began to branch into other dance styles. She made a name for herself in the Shuffle Dance scene in 2012, after winning her first underground battle against a rival crew. While mastering shuffling, she began focusing her studies on hip-hop, and branched into Afrobeats and Dancehall. You can find her in the Shuffle Battle Scene, or dancing at Dancehall, Afrobeats or Hip-hop events and battles in her hometown. You can also find her performing at events such as the International Festival of Life or Choreographers Carnival.

Fun Fact: Rirayyy is an OG in the Chicago Shuffle Dance scene and has held true that title ever since.

SmokeyJane took a hiatus and after a few years, she decided to focus strictly on dancehall. It did not take long to make a name for herself. She has since danced all over the country from Festival of Life and other Caribbean based events in Chicago. She has also performed in LA, NY and ATL, where she’s had the opportunity to audition for Team Spice and perform at the Go Dung Deh single release party for LHHATL. She works with other Chicago creatives like R&B artist CeeTheWorld.

SmokeyJane has also appeared on HollywoodUnlocked on multiple occasions for the famous move called the “Rollie Pollie” – created by her and another dancer who goes by Ms.BaddaDanDEM. There is even a line dedicated to them about it. “She deh go low and grabbed another girl and they hit the rollie pollie, now they tumbling.” (NYASH x Oba’Po)

Fun fact: SmokeyJane has been named “Miss Split in the Middle” by artist Freezy.

Over the last 12 years, the Twins have been connecting back to their Afro-Caribbean roots and the diaspora through studying and practicing styles such as Dancehall, Afrobeats, Hip-Hop, and Shuffle dance (MAS/Cali style). More recently, you may have seen them dancing at Reggae Sundays, or on stage with artists like Mr. Killa, Solid Shane, Yanique Curvy Diva, or Mr. Vegas. Together they are the founders & leaders of an all-female dance crew called GirlGang, MC’ed by DJ Tyn Man. Their dance videos have been shared by artists like Nailah Blackman and Chi Ching Ching. You may have also seen them at Promontory dancing with artist Klassik Frescobar.

Honorable travel mentions are Detroit, MI, Charleston, SC, Milwaukee, WI, Jekyll Island, GA, Brunswick, GA, San Diego, CA. Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Miami, FL and West Palm Beach, FL, where they became a part of a team of Dancers put together from all over the US & Caribbean islands like Jamaica and Barbados, led by JR TAXI the DJ.