Damone Allen Rose was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He started singing when he was only 4 years old. Music is somewhat hereditary, stemming from his great-grandparents. According to him it is in his blood. He states the only thing that separates him from his family is that he will not stop until he is fully able to live out his passion.

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Aside from his family, Damone was influenced by several major contemporary recording artists; the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson, Boys 2 Men, Brian McKnight and Maxwell to name a few.

D.Rose has a lot to offer musically. Not only is he a songwriter and producer he also has other accomplishments. He plays several instruments including the piano, organ, drums and bass guitar. There is at least one issue with the industry that Damone would like to express. It’s a dislike of watered down music and artists that seem to lack a true passion for the Art.

But on that same note, putting things in perspective, he says “I really wouldn’t want to change anything about the industry because everyone has their own unique way of doing things; they have their own style and that’s what makes the industry versatile and so exciting”.

D. Rose has worked with many nationwide artists and producers. He is very hard working when it comes to music and business. He is passionate and takes what he does seriously. In his own words,” Music is my life, my air, my first love.”