India Massive: Put Your Hands Up

Here is another global collaboration with producers Su’Real and Jayhaan. They are based out of India, and the main instrument you’ll hear in this mix is called “shehnai”. Hands up: We are promoting this as a universal sign of good energy; evidence of positive messages having been received.

This sentiment dates back to the origins of humanity. As such the animated video is based on the earliest examples of art, hands. Visual artist Nayanika Chatterjee took inspiration from the cave paintings in Bhimbetka, Madhya Pradesh to create this engaging video.

Below is the party we had in New Delhi. Jayhaan & Su’Real with Priyumm, Special Guest: MC ZULU

Press Coverage from Homegrown:

Press Coverage from The Wild City:

As a side note: I REALLY APPRECIATE how people have been coming up to me, saying how much my music has impacted them. In Chicago I can understand it, so close to home.. but I kept hearing it at this impromptu club appearance in Delhi, India. That really threw things into perspective. This isn’t really a job. It’s more of a mission.

Update // Cultural Exchange 🙂