Bianca Oblivion – Boiler Room Set

Every so often I get lucky and a DJ will include a song of mine in their mix. I am always appreciative and will do my best to push from this side. The clip below is Bianca Oblivion, during her set at Boiler Room, L.A. All playlist interests aside, it seems like AGES since we’ve been able to enjoy this calibre of performance.


In a post lockdown era, underground artists (myself included) are timidly stepping back out onto the world stages. Bianca and her “Warp Mode” crew bring incredible energy and excitement, as if they never left. This unbridled enthusiasm translates over to a willing audience, pushing the usually hyped-up Boiler Room crowd toward an even greater level of intensity. Curiously enough, Ms. Oblivion gets a similar response wherever she goes.


Keep your eyes peeled