MC ZULU at “Love Burn” 2023

Burning Man is known as the debaucherous, hippie celebration that takes place in the middle of the desert. You could say that… and you’d be 100 percent correct. It’s everything you heard and then some. There are also regionals which have sprung up all over the globe. These regional parties spare no expense when it comes to artistic expression, theatricality and spectacle.

With all manner of party music being at the core of Burning Man, however, there is a significant opportunity for cross cultural exchange. Reggae / Dancehall vocal style works well over all of it. There is also an atmosphere of tolerance, that I prefer, over the dogmatic judgement of people who live differently from how I do.

Photo credit: Anne-Marie Goco
Photo credit: Anne-Marie Goco

The best thing about Burning Man is their commitment to charitable pursuits. “Burners Without Borders” is known for giving grants to homeless organizations, literacy programs, victims of abuse and more.

Love Burn / Miami / 2023 marks the reunification with DJ Radiohiro, one of my main touring partners. He is also my primary Burning Man contact. I keep my friendships intact, but I wasn’t touring for years. Radiohiro and I have played shows together for over a decade, and thankfully we haven’t lost a step.

Nexus Camp – Burning Man 2010