Naadam Music Festival 2022 – Mongolian Independence

I was very surprised that the Mongolian representatives would reach out and ask me to play shows with them. My affiliation dates back to 2016 when I helped them establish their branding in the USA as “Mongolian Arts” They brought one of their biggest acts, “A-Sound”, to the Chicago Metro. Before long I was doing a Reggae pop medley with the artist Choi Joo, a talented multi-instrumentalist.

Word traveled and somehow I earned a small fanbase in Mongolia, of all places. After a few years and a global pandemic, here we are in 2022

The whole idea of Global Bass is music that reaches around the world, bringing people together. I’m not the first to do it, but Electro Reggae is what I consider to be my vehicle. It’s a good description of the hybrid style that isn’t exactly Dancehall or Dance.