Wasserstoff Presents: Waynette & MC ZULU – Bless Up

There was once a time when I would make it a point to link with producers worldwide. Lately I am on my own journey of musical discovery, figuring out instruments and production. Still I recently heard from my friend Christian in Germany with some good news. Berlin Vibes ambassador Christian Ogrinz aka “Wasserstoff” is a favorite collaborator. We sometimes have to use Google Translate, but the message gets across. He introduced Electro Reggae to the Berlin Music Commission a while back.

Currently Wasserstoff is expanding on “Berlin Vibes” bringing several artists, who have performed in Berlin at one point, together on several projects. The Immigrant Visa lyrics apparently struck a chord with Jamaican / Bahamian producer Waynette. I am grateful that they reached out. Hoping you all will like the new stuff I am producing as well 🙂

PR For “BLESS UP” (Immigrant Visa Remixed) on “Berlin Vibes”


The trans-Atlantic collaboration was conceived as sound branding for the
MW:M21, the most important music conference in Berlin. Waynette came up
with the idea of producing the twelve sound modules as a dance track:
“Let’s release these tunes, and do so on the occasion of the

Konzipiert wurde die transatlantische Kollabo als Sound Branding der
MW:M21, wichtigste Musik-Konferenz in Berlin. Die Idee, die 12 Sound
Module als Dance Track auszuproduzieren, hatte Waynette: „Lass uns
diesen Tune veröffentlichen, Release zeitgleich zur Konferenz!“

MC Zulu from Chicago is currently working with Wasserstoff on BERLIN
Wolfpack Entertainment (Universal Music). Martin Burkard, mix/mastering
and co-producer, has brought his classic “Immigrant Visa” into play as a

MC Zulu aus Chicago arbeitet mit Wasserstoff gerade an BERLIN WIBES fĂĽr
Wolfpack Entertainment (Universal Music). Martin Burkard, Mix/Mastering
und Co-Producer, brachte seinen Klassiker „Immigrant Visa“ als Remix ins

Inspired by the greeting BLESS UP of Marechal Mendy, a Senegalese
colleague of BERLIN WIBES, the graphic artist Henrike Ott (Juice
Magazine, Viva Con Agua) created a messianic cover of a Jesaja in the
colors of this year’s MW:M21, for which she was responsible for all of
the design.

Inspiriert vom GruĂź BLESS UP des senegalesischen BERLIN WIBES Kollegen
Marechal Mendy kreierte die Graphic Artist Henrike Ott (Juice Magazine,
Viva Con Agua) in den Farben der diesjährigen MW:M21, für die sie das
komplette Design verantwortet, das messianische Cover einer Jesaja.


Beat Design WAYNETTE
Vocals MC ZULU
Translation AMY J. KLEMENT

WAYNETTE is a DJ and producer. The Jamaican-Barbadian grew up in
Heidelberg, where she discovered her passion for electronic music at a
very early point in time. She moved to Berlin to study fashion and had
her first gigs there. Her vinyl “Eraser on the Dancefloor” was released
by Supply Records. She plays at the Suicide Club on October 30.

WAYNETTE ist DJ und Produzentin, aufgewachsen ist die
Jamaikanerin-Barbadianerin in Heidelberg, wo sie sehr frĂĽh ihre
Leidenschaft fĂĽr elektronische Musik entdeckte. FĂĽr ein Modestudium zog
sie nach Berlin, mit den Jahren kamen dort die ersten Gigs. Vinyl
Release “Eraser on the Dancefloor” via Supply Records. Sie spielt am 30.
Oktober im Suicide Club.

WASSERSTOFF fell from the sky like a stone. His debut in Bass music,
“Satie on Ecstasy,” was released in Berlin, followed by other
programmatic works like “Faith,” “Occident,” and “Vision” featuring MC
Zulu, who calls his sound “Uber Minimal.” With the Jazz pianist
Christian von der Goltz, he recently released “Bass in the Sky.” He is
also working on BERLIN WIBES.

WASSERSTOFF fiel vom Himmel wie ein Stein. In Berlin erschien sein Debut
in Bass Music, “Satie on Ecstasy”, gefolgt von weiteren programmatischen
Arbeiten wie “Faith”, “Occident” und “Vision” featuring MC Zulu der
seinen Sound “Uber Minimal” nennt. Mit dem Jazz-Pianisten Christian von
der Goltz veröffentlicht er aktuell “Bass in the Sky”. Er arbeitet an

MC ZULU does not make reggae in the traditional sense. His unique blend
of Electro Bass grooves and Caribbean style Dancehall vocals creates a
new form of Dancehall Reggae from the outer reaches of space. Trippy
synths and huge Bass kicks and claps make his music rhythmically
frenetic and exotic. ZULU defines a new style of progressive Electro
Dancehall Riddim.

MC ZULU macht keinen Reggae in traditionellem Sinne. Sein uniquer Blend
von Electro Bass Grooves und Caribbean Style Dancehall Vocals erschafft
eine neue Art von Dancehall Reggae “from outer space”. Trippy Synths und
massive Bass Kicks und Claps machen seine Musik rhythmisch
frenetisierend und exotisch. Zulu schöpft einen neuen Stil von
progressivem Electro-Dancehall Riddim.

MARTIN BURKARD is a technician in spirit and a musician at heart.
Through his work as a sound and media designer and sound mixer at the
legendary TRIXX Studios Berlin, “Meister Burkard” puts his talents in
the service of artists in the Berlin music scene, such as Milky Chance,
Mark Forster, and Ira Atari. Rooted in Hip Hop, at home in Jazz, in the
name of Pop.

MARTIN BURKARD ist Techniker im Geiste, Musiker im Herzen. Durch seine
Arbeit in den legendären TRIXX Studios Berlin, als Sounddesigner,
Mediengestalter und Tonmischer in der Musikszene Berlins stellt
“Meister Burkard” sein Können KĂĽnstlern wie Milky Chance, Mark Forster
und Ira Atari zu Diensten. Verwurzelt im Hip Hop, zuhause im Jazz, im
Namen des Pop.

HENRIKE OTT is a graphic artist with a big heart for everything
connected with Hip Hop and music in general. Active as a graphic
designer since 2006, and since 2012 as a freelance designer in Berlin,
she actively assists musicians and companies in developing their
identities and communicating them visually. She also helps NGOs as well
as illustrated magazines and blogs present their concerns.

HENRIKE OTT ist Grafic Artist mit einem groĂźen Herz fĂĽr alles, was mit
Hip Hop und Musik im Allgemeinen zu tun hat. Seit 2006 als
Grafikdesignerin tätig, seit 2012 als Freelance Designerin in Berlin,
unterstĂĽtzt sie aktiv Musiker:innen und Unternehmen dabei, ihre
Identitäten zu entwickeln und visuell zu kommunizieren. Außerdem hilft
sie NGOs dabei, ihre Belange darzustellen und illustriert Magazine und

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