MC ZULU – War Zone (Over the Reggae Vibes Riddim)

Shouts to Reggae Vibes Radio for this wicked Riddim.
Music – Reggae Vibes Radio:

This is not really for release, It’s just something I was inspired to do once I heard the track. Also it incorporates one of my comedic heroes, the great George Carlin. When it comes to warmongering, there are no winners. Some may end up with money, some might find themselves living through the strife, but our world is that much worse as a result.

It’s like a war zone in the streets, Yes Heights
It’s like a war zone in the streets
Cool out with all your gunplay
No matter where your country
It’s like a war zone in the streets

Seems like peace is the only foreign language
That we can’t speak, so I’ve got to let you know

Cast my stone I’m a sinner like the rest of this
irate mob, Break the windows, Burn the residence
Crowd control used as a consequence.
Well?… I think they’ve got you where they want you.

And do we even need to talk about the Babylon?
Dem wickedness so vicious shooting down the Bredda man
The youth Inna do ghetto shooting down another one,
But where dem get dem weapon from?

No doubt we want to Change up our likkle position.
No matter how dem labba still a worser condition
No shelter No Food and No School inna di plan,
Just the guns and ammunition… Lord

It’s like a war zone in the streets
From days Inna the sunshine
To nights upon the front lines
You can’t turn around
It’s like a war zone in the streets

Broadcast claim that you had so much potential
And dem say shame cause it seems we’ll never know

The heart and soul of the system is the negligence
Cash controls politicians and the presidents
Full time you know… Be careful who you fight against
Well? There is no deed without the consequence

It’s like a war zone in the streets
Elections for the wrong side
Now modern day Apartheid
Go and wake the town
It’s like a war zone in the streets

I beg you save your tears for the youth and not the press
Society will judge you if that youth is laid to rest.
So do your best, Give them the wisdom
Against the wicked system’s corruption & destruction
GOD Bless
Lord have mercy, What a mess
War zone in the streets, for real!