MC ZULU & BIONIK – Dancehall Energy

Dancehall energy is written as an empowerment anthem. Women, especially Black women, set the pace of society. They decide what’s cool and the mainstream reacts to their interests. “Anything she puts attention on… millions of dollars they’re spending on”…


Hip-Hop dancer and choreographer Monica Chung is building a bright future through teaching, competitions and live features. As part of the Minnesota Timberwolves’ 612 Crew she has performed regularly at the Target Center and other major outlets. Monica hails from The Bronx and is currently known for her many appearances with groups such as Elite Family and GXG Dance.

Shouts also to New Black City, a progressive-minded dance crew from BIONIK’s home town, Minneapolis. They provided the energetic choreography to help kick off a new phase in our musical presentation.

In the age of social distancing and virtual entertainment, dancers are going to take the forefront. They do things we all wish we could do, yet the industry’s last incarnation found a way to overlook them.

Gyal I wanna know, who runs the show right now? Who’s in control right now?

Dancehall Energy was produced by BIONIK Music (credits ranging from Aaliyah to Lizzo), and is released on his label of the same name.