Babylon System - The Hammer

Babylon System – The Hammer

When Reggae singers talk about “Babylon System” it is a non-specific dig at the Western superpowers who oppress others by way of neo-colonialism, economic warfare, guns/drugs flooding “urban” neighborhoods and the creation of ghettos. The […]


Koffee – Burning

Get used to Koffee being a giant name in Reggae circles. The teenaged Reggae phenom kicked in the doors of the music industry with a sharp, quick-witted delivery (which she credited in part to Chicago […]


Akasha: Mother of Exiles

Mother Of Exiles by Akasha This is a concept album from a Chicago Reggae band. Let that sink in for a minute. Traditionally Chicago Reggae is played to inebriated Cubs fans looking for momentary, background […]


MC ZULU & BIONIK – Come Alive E.P.

MC ZULU returns as a producer… (or co-producer) with longtime collaborator BIONIK Music. The song was written as a foil for the pervasive “die young” messages in pop culture. It was the first official release […]


Bob Marley: Electro Reggae Pioneer

Bob Marley was among the first Reggae musicians to incorporate a drum machine into his recordings. The Wailers were tour openers for Sly & The Family Stone in the early 70’s. Sly’s album “There’s a […]