NFT Record Label? Hmm.. Why Not?

Since the 1970s… you have seen “African American” culture misrepresented. Sure we have a criminal element, but the percentage would not be as high without the financial incentive coming from record labels and other media outlets.

Gangstas / Drug Abusers / Pimps & Hos
A few artists get big bucks to play these roles. Everyone else will emulate them hoping to also get paid. In the interim destructive habits are formed and most of the “emulators” end up dead or in prison.

// If you don’t believe it, look to another community who is consistently hired to play “terrorists”, although we are the ones bombing their countries //

Recently a mistake was made. Snoop Dog purchased Death Row Records and announced that it will now be an NFT record label. SURE conventionally minded artists will now say “I gotta sign with Death Row”.. but most will say “I gotta learn how to sell NFTs”.

// What is an NFT? For our purposes… It’s a picture or video file. Online there’s a registry keeping track of who truly owns it……(The “Blockchain”)
These types of NFTs are bought and sold, often rising in value, like digital trading cards. //

(Example… Not Minted)

Any artist can take any artwork from any song, and sell it to their fans. Fans can pay any amount, essentially to help the artist, but hopefully that artwork’s value will rise. You can sell the NFT at a profit and the artist even receives a percentage of that resale.

Right now artists are given advances in the form of loans. Labels only sign “gangstas”, under the false pretense: “That’s what sells”. NFTs represent a significant change in the economic model. Because of that, representation of the community will change.

NERDS in the community who know how to mint NFTs will become more valuable than those willing to shoot one another. This is because even a small audience can sustain an artist. Buy an NFT and you own a small piece of their career, with a minimal investment.

Suddenly you will begin hearing from Gospel artists who are being supported by their church. Imagine a whole congregation buying the artwork for your song… R&B, Soul, Blues, Reggae can all re-enter the sphere and find their true audience. Poets, photographers, painters can all collaborate with musicians. This is a great way to take back the narrative.

We have thugs and gangstas in our community, because of how we have been treated. We are not thugs and gangstas.

It is a certainty that Establishment Media will invade and corrupt the space (once again using money and visibility) to entice people to behave a certain way; but if you have an appreciative audience, they can sustain you with a $5, $10, $20 NFT purchase. Further, their incentive to do so is baked in when it actually rises in value.