Chineykiki – Revelation

When you hear someone say “Hold your space and guard the meditation of your heart.” within the structure of any Reggae song, you might gloss over it. The music by nature is full of spiritual tropes and it’s likely that can mean anything. If you take a closer look though, you’ll recognize this as a top key to happiness. The meditation of your heart, or inner thoughts have a lot to do with defining your external reality.

Chineykiki’s “Revelation” may find its way into several of playlists around the web. Its catchy and relate-able message is enhanced by warm backing vocals on top of Kiki’s nimble delivery. The Ghanain/Jamaican artist, whose name is partially derived from Chinese lineage on her mother’s side, has released a number of powerful anthems. Revelation does a great job though, of showing her amazing range as a vocalist. The very first verse contains not only a spoken word intro, but a high-pitched “zagareet” (think bellydance) cheer, immediately followed by contralto-styled singing.

If you are in a mood to be inspired, this song can take you there. There is no doubt that Chineykiki will soon find a very appreciative fan base. Listeners who enjoy the challenge of working through poetic concepts, or those searching for their own truths will definitely benefit from hearing her tunes. Find out more: