Konshens – Bubble Gym (Video)

Never mind some of the comments… This is my vote for Best Video of the Quarter. It highlights universal movement, which lies at the core of Dancehall music. Sometimes people, regardless of age, size or shape, want to leave their inhibitions behind them and just MOVE. Like martial arts, Dancehall choreography can definitely save you. All are welcome as long as they have a desire to work.

The reason I am a steadfast supporter of dancers is because they bring the party. You can literally throw a set with a house full of no-names (We’ve done it) and the dancers will bring a smile to everyone’s face. Raucous, unhinged, “Daggering” choreography may offend some, (and it’s not always represented correctly) but there is no denying the way it charges the atmosphere. Not enough respect is given to the dancers in my opinion.

Konshens’ verbal delivery is impeccably simple and straightforward. Whispering Bubble repeatedly is all it takes to transform this young lady’s workout into a completely immersive, 1st person experience. Listen through her headphones. From the first verse you too may find yourself suddenly drawn into a Daggering session, when all you wanted to do was hit the stair master.