Tanya Stephens – “When It’s Over” f. Elephant Man

Tanya Stephens can always be counted on to come up with relatable premises for her songs. When she sang “It’s a Pity” it was about a love that could never be, due to the fact that both she and an interested man were already in other relationships. This type of writing has always separated her from the whimsical, touch and go nature of Dancehall Reggae. She is a poet, and she demonstrates that yet again with “When it’s Over”

This song has been in heavy rotation with me for almost a year. I am writing about it because I feel it’s important. It shows the frustrations of someone who has worked to heal the world, still seeing so much misery. There is a long list of things that Tanya refers to as “FKed Up”, from healthcare to foreign policy, so she might as well be the same way and you can just wake her “when it’s over”. Elephant man brings the levity as an “energy god” is required to do. He keeps the vibe within the party sphere, where the true message can act upon the listener’s subconscious.

RVSSIAN shows his versatility with Trap/Hip-Hop production. Unsurprisingly he has amassed credits on the American, Latin and Jamaican charts. The true power of the song though is Tanya’s writing. With only two verses she addresses everything from previous generations’ failures and subsequent hypocrisy, to the wars around the world, coming to the conclusion that “I don’t wanna be sober”. For some this life truly is too much to bear and many times that is their coping mechanism.