Babylon System – The Hammer

Babylon System - The Hammer

When Reggae singers talk about “Babylon System” it is a non-specific dig at the Western superpowers who oppress others by way of neo-colonialism, economic warfare, guns/drugs flooding “urban” neighborhoods and the creation of ghettos. The distinction needs to be made because there are those who think of ancient societies. One of the first kings of Babylon was the Amorite king Hammurabi. His code, which famously stated “an eye for an eye…”, predates biblical scriptures. Amorites, particularly Hammurabi, are known as ancient conquerors who conscripted all of Mesopotamia into their empire.

“Babylon System a crash right here”… In the title track General Jah Mikey speaks of how The System kills poor people, yet the production squad who created the music for this release is also known as “Babylon System”. The collaboration between producers “No Thing” and “Roommate” of Auvocaudio fame seem to have chosen the moniker as a nod to the constant references being made throughout conscious Reggae Music.

The duo is known for heavyweight Dubstep and Trap sounds, which spring from Reggae-Roots experimentation. Their latest EP “The Hammer” is released on Heavy Traffic Recordings. The Hammer immediately grabs attention with Rastafarian mysticism as a driving force behind its title track. Also featured is the prodigious guitar, bass playing and arranging of Daniel Dubsworth on the upbeat “More Life”, while “Back to The Future” pushes energy levels even higher. Regardless of how “Babylon” is referenced here, the vibes are optimistic and will undoubtedly move partygoers in the right direction (towards the dance floor, of course).