MC ZULU – Warzone

Shoutout to Reggae Vibes Radio for making this amazing Riddim. Also ReespecK to Marlon Folkes for letting me jump on it. This is definitely a less poetic, more cautionary tale, against gun / knife / physical violence. Electro Reggae broadcasts right now from the heart of Babylon.

Still, everywhere you look, there seems to be a loss of civility. Society is boiling over but we cannot tell because we were already in the mix, long before the temperatures started to rise. What is the main reason for society’s turmoil? Great question.

The readiness and availability of guns is one problem, but if you look at countries where guns are not prevalent, stabbings have replaced shootings. Take the knives away, people will start to club each other. The bottom line is without civility, we might as well stay indoors.

Session Video: