MC ZULU Gimme The Light (Remix)

This quick remake of the Buzz Riddim was pretty well received. I am very thankful 🙂
*Special Shouts go to Zuzuka Poderosa for pushing this out to her fans <3
*Much ReespecK to Mister Gee from Green Arrow Radio for debuting it.

The Buzz Riddim was one of the most genius productions in its simplicity. This is what Dancehall is known for anyway. In my opinion Sean Paul is one of the most imaginative lyricists in the game. He is able to craft mega hits while switching his cadence to fit the song. He doesn’t force the track to conform to his vocals.

If you don’t sing Reggae perhaps you’ll have no idea what I’m talking about, but as a lyricist I have always appreciated that trait. It allow the song room to breathe, and gives people space to dance. It may be another, more drawn out discussion, but I have realized that people dance to SPACE. They STOP on beats. The space is where they move…. but again 🙂 I’ll elaborate on that much later. For now I hope you enjoy the remix. Blessed love and thanks for tuning in.

Production Video