Jake Robertz – Ophidia

Jake Robertz presents an ominous twist to “Lose Control” (track 4), the Kush Arora / MC ZULU collaboration. The overall tone of his new project Ophidia combines ambient, melodic overtones with a Drum & Bass, Dancehall influenced foundation. Reggae singer “Humble” turns in a solid performance on the tune “Frequency”

The project is released on Muti Music, and represents the strong development of Robertz’ talents since being a member of the “Knight Riderz” production duo. Adding to the mystique of the project is the cover art. Ophidia is the family of reptiles with lineage tied to most modern day snakes. Nathan Panousis depicts four serpents encircling an “all seeing eye” of sorts.

Speaking for myself lyrically: Lose Control always referenced how “with the pen, they gained full control of all the property”. If that isn’t the work of snakes I don’t know what is. Still this is party music, with an atmospheric twist. Production dictates the setting and Ophidia leaves the listener riding high on a wave of optimism, despite the many troubles of the world.