Philosophy & Opinions: DISCLAIMER

I admit this area may not be as easy to digest as some of the other parts of the website. It’s not due to a lack of intelligence on the behalf of the reader. It’s more because of a lack of interest. In my opinion modern society has become a finely tuned social experiment where emotions and interests can all be manipulated at the push of a button.

It’s easy to make you buy into a certain product or trend. You don’t even realize how it’s tied into your basic needs, therefore making it almost impossible to resist. As an example: By simply raising the cost of living and not increasing salaries, political scientists can cause us to reorganize our priorities.

Jobs that pay more become the preferred courses in colleges. Art that expresses materialism is taken more seriously. People who have money, regardless of HOW they attained it, are given more respect. Who your children want to become is determined by these factors, UNLESS… you are armed with alternative viewpoints.

It may not be easy to teach Karmic principles, when we see that time and again, being ruthless is what gets you ahead. The pervading ideas of fairness and abundance however, are embedded deep within the genetic makeup of Reggae music. That is why songs created over half a century ago still have modern day relevance.

The artform of Reggae welcomes people from around the world and has become a universal language spoken by many who do not even understand the words. That language has reflected itself within all cultures, serving to unify the world and bring us all a little closer together. This section of the website will deal with my understanding of that dynamic. These philosophical ideas are what drive not only the music I make, but the way I exist.