MC ZULU & BIONIK – Come Alive E.P.

MC ZULU returns as a producer… (or co-producer) with longtime collaborator BIONIK Music. The song was written as a foil for the pervasive “die young” messages in pop culture. It was the first official release on the Electro Reggae record label. Electro Reggae combines all the elements of Reggae with Club music from around the world. This one was based on Afrobeats.

A couple of years after the release I actually had the opportunity to perform the song in Africa.

Nyege Nyege Festival in Uganda were the gracious hosts, and it was part of the group Gato Preto‘s presentation. During the performance it started to rain but the energy was still electrifying. The “Come Alive” message being received by a multicultural gathering in The Motherland is something I’ll never forget.