February 18, 2019
  • Babylon System - The Hammer

    Babylon System – The Hammer

    When Reggae singers talk about “Babylon System” it is a non-specific dig at the Western superpowers who oppress others by way of neo-colonialism, economic warfare, guns/drugs flooding “urban” neighborhoods and the creation of ghettos. The [...]
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    Koffee – Burning

    Get used to Koffee being covered extensively on this site. The teenaged Reggae phenom kicked in the doors of the music industry with a sharp, quick-witted delivery (which she credited in part to Chicago Reggae [...]



Why Working Artists Don’t Always Feel Free

by mczulu in Opinion Comments Off on Why Working Artists Don’t Always Feel Free

Some people are set free by the art they create. Some people are confined by the art they create. Art should set you free. That can only happen when you create with no regard for [...]

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