October 28, 2020
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    MC ZULU & BIONIK – Dancehall Energy

    Produced by: Stefon “BIONIK” Taylor Executive Producer: Grace Davies Record Label: BIONIK Music Dancehall energy is written as an empowerment anthem. Women, especially Black women, set the pace of society. They decide what’s cool and [...]
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    MC ZULU – Peaceful Revolution

    We need a peaceful revolution, because they’re wrong on both sides… If you have picked a side and decided that you are going to war, you’re already wrong. Your biggest struggles will always be within. [...]
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    Chineykiki – Revelation

    When you hear someone say “Hold your space and guard the meditation of your heart.” within the structure of any Reggae song, you might gloss over it. The music by nature is full of spiritual [...]


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LIFE IS: Melody Replayed

by mczulu in Now In Session Comments Off on LIFE IS: Melody Replayed

This song began as a blues ballad. It just has all the trappings of modern Dancehall fused into it, with a heavy AfroBeats influence. Lyrically it talks about how the Dancehall Queens bring the night [...]

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