March 25, 2019
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    Jake Robertz – Ophidia

    Jake Robertz presents an ominous twist to “Lose Control” (track 4), the Kush Arora / MC ZULU collaboration. The overall tone of his new project Ophidia combines ambient, melodic overtones with a Drum & Bass, [...]
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    Afro B – Afrowave 2

    If you have recently visited any given club setting and the dance floor suddenly dropped out from under you, it’s probably because Afro B’s “Drogba” (Joanna) was playing. The judicious employment of an occasional, subatomic [...]
  • Babylon System - The Hammer

    Babylon System – The Hammer

    When Reggae singers talk about “Babylon System” it is a non-specific dig at the Western superpowers who oppress others by way of neo-colonialism, economic warfare, guns/drugs flooding “urban” neighborhoods and the creation of ghettos. The [...]



Demons Only Mislead You

by mczulu in Opinion Comments Off on Demons Only Mislead You

During any race or contest we do battle with demons, enticing us to quit. At the end those same demons become ADDICTION and will not ALLOW us to quit. Demons only mislead you. When they [...]

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