January 16, 2019
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    Koffee – Burning

    Get used to Koffee being covered extensively on this site. The teenaged Reggae phenom kicked in the doors of the music industry with a sharp, quick-witted delivery (which she credited in part to Chicago Reggae [...]
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    Akasha: Mother of Exiles

    Mother Of Exiles by Akasha This is a concept album from a Chicago Reggae band. Let that sink in for a minute. Traditionally Chicago Reggae is played to inebriated Cubs fans looking for momentary, background [...]


Philosophy & Opinions

Nature of The Demon

by mczulu in Opinion Comments Off on Nature of The Demon

Demons are compound thoughts. Natural fear folded over onto itself becomes anxiety. Natural anger becomes rage. Caution becomes paranoia. Desire becomes obsession. That’s why demons are so difficult to recognize. They masquerade as normal emotions, [...]

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